Mysteek Productions specializes in multi-media production and publishing and has a track record that provides ample evidence of our capacity for innovation, creativity and quality work.

Our production company has emerged as a result of the initiative of Kofi Quaye, Hopeton Smalling of Syracuse, and Alexander Gause of New York City. They have been involved in various aspects of the production and publishing industries for decades and have long sought to utilize their vast experiences, resources and contacts in a collaborative undertaking to create and provide assistance to artists, writers, authors seeking to write, record, market, produce and promote their artistic creations. Mysteek Productions has plans to initiate and implement projects that will create opportunities for talented individuals, actors, writers, directors, and recording artists and others to develop and showcase their talent in the national and international media and marketplace.

Mysteek Productions has also been active in the publishing, music and entertainment industries for more than ten years. More recently, we have collaborated on a number of projects with other entities including the development of musical concepts aimed at the national and international marketplace and have reached an advanced stage with plans to produce, market and promote a  musical production involving a number of performing artists from the United States and Africa..
We have also dedicated ourselves to exploring ways and means that will enable us to work with and or participate in collaborative arrangements with other entities.
Our ultimate goal therefore is to develop into a major force in the publishing, music and entertainment industry.